Commissioned Article – Code of Conduct

It’s a Wednesday and you are just gearing up for your afternoon cup of tea. You walk to the vending machine and just as the tea mix pours into your cup, your phone rings to tell you that your best friend is calling. “Vivek, It’s going to be a great weekend!”, he exclaims. He informs you that he has procured four passes for a concert that your families were planning to attend. The concert is almost a weekend getaway, it involves driving to the nearby hill station and spending a night at a premium resort at pretty affordable charges. 

How long would it take you to say yes to your friend? 

Now, let’s replace just one phrase in the above-mentioned scenario. Instead of your best friend, this offer is given to you by a well-reputed vendor of your team. His performance and conduct have been exemplary in the organization and you have a professional and friendly working relationship with him and his team. 

How long would it take you to say yes? And would or should you say yes to such an offer? 

Fast-paced professional life presents us with certain situations which become dilemmas if not dealt with immediately. A lingering decision on a matter of yes and no creates the scope for a maybe to come in. And these “may-be’s” can lead to a lapse in judgement and perhaps action in contravention to an organization’s values and ethics.

The Code of Business Ethics and Conduct is the guiding light for our employees and all stakeholders with respect to the ways of doing business with us and our associates. The code comprises six principles that can encompass behaviour at the workplace, dealing with business partners, company assets, regulatory compliance and environment and corporate responsibility. The code also safeguards employees against workplace harassment.

The document in detail describes each aspect of our code in detail and also provides illustrations that help employees resolve their dilemmas. The case studies provided are real life-like and can be understood quite easily. The document also provides a resolution matrix/ route for the ethical dilemmas that an employee can come across on the job

Author: Kartikaya

I am a content creator based in India. With over 13 years of corporate experience followed by my present status as an artist, I mix words, visuals and design to create engaging content across different platforms.

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